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a hierarchical organization transformed in an agile way

In our talk, we show how we transformed an organization that had previously been managed quite hierarchically into an agile one over the course of two years. In small steps, with the involvement of everyone, with learning nuggets and constant reflection.

We had to resist old habits, trust the system and adapt the approach and guidelines several times over the course of time.


Leadership and Hierachy

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Karin Schnyder Aslan,
Transformation Management, AXA

Karin Schnyder Aslan came to agility via operational excellence and lean management. After initial experience with the agilization of strategic initiatives on the business side, she switched to the DTI (Data Technology Innovation) department after a job rotation as People Developer, became Agile Master and has now been in charge of all activities in the next stage of AXA’s agile journey since 2023.

Yvonne Lange,
Head Business Process & Information Management, AXA

Yvonne Lange has been at home in a wide variety of IT roles for around 30 years. Starting out as a programmer, she held positions in the areas of methodical software development, project management, process optimization, test management, IT portfolio management as well as IT strategy, architecture and governance. She currently leads 4 agile product teams with a total of 40 people and is responsible for 3 business-critical, transversal IT platforms in a dual role as IT Business Owner and People Developer.