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Driving SAFe® Transformation: Leadership Lessons from Porsche

Within the workshop you will collaborate and gain knowledge about the importance of leadership during a SAFe Implementation and get to know the key instruments to lead the change. In fact you will learn that you are a key instrument yourself and one of the success factors of a SAFe implementation. We will share how we learned that knowledge within Porsche and how Porsche is driving the SAFe transformation.


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Malte Luik
Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach, LACE SPC,
SAFe® Methodologist

Malte Luik is an absolute agile enthusiast and pioneer. Back in 2012 he published a book about managing change, which he now is accompanying at Porsche. From 2016 onwards, he has built up several agile teams in different business areas at Porsche – moving away from the waterfall methodology and towards agile, self-organized teams and ARTs.

Porsche has been scaling agile since 2020 and has been a member of the lean-agile center of excellence (LACE) ever since. In his role as SPC, he is primarily responsible for the transformation of the Porsche development area and motorsport. He is also responsible for the Legal Shared Service.
Since Malte has a degree in business law, his specialist knowledge helps him in many agile transformation activities. He embodies the agile values and wants as many of his colleagues as possible to participate and share the added value of business agility.

Andreas Gross
Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach, LACE SPC,
SAFe® Methodologist

Andreas Gross is an exceptional enthusiast for Lean and Agile. He used to be a software developer. After realizing that he could generate even more value by helping software companies to achieve business agility, he kickstarted his role as an agile coach. Since then he has been known as a spetacular problem solver and finisher.

In 2021, his pioneering spirit brought him to Porsche where he is now responsible for the SAFe® transformation of the finance portfolio. He coaches over 20 agile teams and over 30 managers in lean-agile principles to create the foundation for aligning the business area for achieving the company strategy. By statements like „we are different“, „we can’t do agile“ or „we can’t change this“ he is getting on fire and motivated as hell! As a member of the the lean-agile center of excellence (LACE), Andreas coaches over 5 enterprise lean-agile coaches in addition to his portfolio responsibility. Although he is swabian, he likes expensive sports cars.