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We, KEGON Switzerland, have set ourselves the goal of promoting agile mindsets and proven agile practices in the business sector through a high-quality and inspiring event.

For this reason, we are once again inviting well-known international experts as keynote speakers to the SAFe® Leadership Forum on September 19, 2024 in Zurich. You can expect interactive workshops and discussion rounds on various topics related to business agility. And, of course, we will create opportunities for you to network and exchange experiences.

NEW! Bilingual talks and sessions at the SAFe® Leadership Forum!
Except for the keynote, there will be talks/sessions either in German or in English.

Leadership and Hierachy

What does Leadership in SAFe® mean?
Application of Growth Mindset, Leading by Example & more

Business Agility — Impact and Value

Continuously develop and implement corporate strategy

Reacting quickly to market changes

Creating flow through business

Hardware and Cyberphysical

Hardware development has different challenges than pure software. How can it still be developed in an agile way?

Improve and Accelerate

The ART has started – and now?

Repair broken trains


Problem Solving Culture

Your Ticket to the Forum

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Trainings around the Forum

Leading Agile Hardware

Sept 17th – 18th, 2024, Zurich
in English

The success of Musk’s companies Tesla and SpaceX shows that agile hardware development is essential for industrial product development in order to remain competitive in the future. Traditional manufacturing companies are increasingly exploring how they can integrate agile methods into both software and hardware processes. The evidence shows that companies that implement agile practices across the organization create value faster and with higher quality.

This course is designed for organizations that develop complex systems. It provides a comprehensive overview of business transformation, from portfolio management to teams. Participants will learn how to successfully implement agile methods using practical examples and real case studies from engineering companies.

  • Transformation from agile pilot to entire company
  • Understanding agility and agility
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Agile product development
  • Practical exercise for planning in the big room
  • Introducing Scrum and Kanban to hardware teams
  • User stories
  • Mastering estimation techniques
  • Prioritization for expectation management
  • Organizing around value – minimizing development bottlenecks through collaborative planning, with a focus on planning large spaces in the context of product development.
  • Maintaining variability and options in product development – avoiding premature commitment to a single solution.
  • Incremental design and frequent integration – applying the “minimum viable product” philosophy to hardware development.
  • Designing hardware systems for change – applying a modular development approach for flexible functionality.
  • Splitting hardware development into small, manageable pieces – performing work in small batches for rapid experimentation and user data collection.

Maarit Laanti, WikiAgile

Jeanette Seiler,
KEGON Schweiz

SAFe® Micro-Credential: Achieving Responsible AI with SAFe®

18th, 2024, 1:00pm-5:00pm
Zurich, in German

This is a SAFe micro-credential course that supports agile professionals to implement AI responsibly in their teams and organisations.

What does the course offer?

  • Providing practical experience and skills
  • Ensuring that your AI projects are transparent and accountable
  • Aligning AI projects with human values

Become a pioneer in the implementation of responsible AI!

  • Stakeholder identification – identifying the people in the organisation who need to be involved in the implementation of RAI (Responsible AI)
  • Evaluation of RAI policies – practical experience with GenAI applications such as SAFe CoPilot and ChatGPT
  • Communicating the need for and objectives of a RAI initiative
  • Writing a RAI-Epic hypothesis – Determination of expenditure

After the e-learning and moderated training, you can apply what you have learnt immediately.

Niko Kaintantzis,
KEGON Schweiz

Kurt Jäger, KEGON AG

Agile for Hardware Workshop

using Industrial DevOps Principles

Sept 20th, 2024, Zurich
in English

Industry leaders and project managers will explore the application of agile methods to large, safety-critical, cyber-physical systems. The goal of the workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively implement agile practices, even under the constraints of stringent safety standards and hardware integration challenges.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the agile frameworks that lend themselves to scaling in complex environments and how these methods can be adapted to the unique requirements of hardware-dependent development projects. The workshop will cover essential topics such as the core principles of Agile, integrating hardware into Agile cycles, and navigating the regulatory frameworks typical of the aerospace and defense industry.

Through a series of interactive modules, including case studies, group discussions and problem-solving exercises, participants will learn how to overcome common obstacles to agile transformations and how to foster an agile culture in traditionally rigid environments. Special emphasis will be placed on strategies for continuous integration, iterative testing and managing hardware backlogs.

This workshop is designed to provide not only a theoretical understanding, but also practical insights and actionable strategies, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their project management approaches when developing safety-critical systems. Join us to bridge the gap between agile theory and its practical application in the most demanding environments.

  • Agile principles applied to cyber-physical systems
  • Introduction to the nine principles of Industrial DevOps
  • Challenges for large, safety-critical, cyber-physical systems
  • Mastering complexity with systems thinking
  • Engineering for safety and regulatory compliance
  • Building safety into the baseline
  • Managing lead times through automation
  • Collaboration and communication

Robin Yeman, Carnergie Mellon SEI

That was the SAFe® Leadership Forum 2023

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Exchange like at a conference lasting several days (in one day) – was great!

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Antipattern workshop was very interesting. I would have appreciated a free exchange of experiences between the participants.

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Super workshop by Aga & Pascal

Familiar environment. Great People, Great Speakers.

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