Leadership Forum

We, KEGON Switzerland, have set ourselves the goal of promoting agile mindsets and proven agile practices in the business sector through a high-quality and inspiring event.

For this reason, we are once again inviting well-known international experts as keynote speakers to the SAFe® Leadership Forum on September 19, 2024 in Zurich. You can expect interactive workshops and discussion rounds on various topics related to business agility. And, of course, we will create opportunities for you to network and exchange experiences.

NEW! Bilingual talks and sessions at the SAFe® Leadership Forum!
Except for the keynote, there will be talks/sessions either in German or in English.

Leadership and Hierachy

What does Leadership in SAFe® mean?
Application of Growth Mindset, Leading by Example & more

Business Agility — Impact and Value

Continuously develop and implement corporate strategy

Reacting quickly to market changes

Creating flow through business

Hardware and Cyberphysical

Hardware development has different challenges than pure software. How can it still be developed in an agile way?

Improve and Accelerate

The ART has started – and now?

Repair broken trains


Problem Solving Culture

Your Ticket to the Forum

Blind Bird

CHF 280.00

available until May 31, 2024

Early Bird

CHF 380.00

available until July 31, 2024

Normal Bird

CHF 480.00

available until Sept 19, 2024

More information on September 19th, 2024 will follow after the Blind Bird expires.

That was the SAFe® Leadership Forum 2023

International Speakers
Talks & Workshops

Feedback please…

Exchange like at a conference lasting several days (in one day) – was great!

Long breaks for exchange were good

Antipattern workshop was very interesting. I would have appreciated a free exchange of experiences between the participants.

Love the continuous retro.

Super workshop by Aga & Pascal

Familiar environment. Great People, Great Speakers.

Niko for President

Review 2023

Sponsors and Partners

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Our sponsors and partners play an active role in the event. Many thanks to the sponsors of the first hour.