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Why Team Stability is the Answer to Getting Hardware Product Developments Done

Cycle times need to reduce, shortages need to be addressed earlier, and engineering talent needs to be retained. The challenges within hardware industries are rising, and the traditional approaches to project management are not helping. Neither is “just Agile”. We need more.

During this talk, Ali will share his observations and learnings on how to bring back stability within engineering teams to benefit delivery. While most concepts sound like common sense, the practicalities are often difficult to implement, Ali will hands-on talk about the practical ways to weave known Agile best practices within mono- and multi-disciplinary hardware teams.

Key Learnings:

  • Blending Agile and concurrent hardware engineering practices
  • Team stability as a driver for knowledge sharing and product quality
  • How to remain in control of your project(s) while working with stable, Agile teams

Hardware and Cyberphysical

Talk in English

Meet the Speaker

Ali Hajou,
Agile Nerd, SPCT, Transformation Architect, and Partner at Avant Edge B.V.

Ali Hajou is one of the world’s youngest SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT), and an experienced trainer in various other Agile frameworks. For over 1.5 decade Ali has been involved in finding Agile ways of working for environments that do not directly jump to mind when talking about Agile. Agile working has proven to be beneficial and is seeping into non-software environments. Starting with applying Agile in the pharmaceutical industry Ali has proven to be strong in contextualizing the principles of short-cycled development, early risk reduction, and building quality in for a more predictable delivery of value. With that, the last years Ali supported (hardware) engineering companies in finding their own (scaled) agile way of working.  Ali is an excellent trainer that connects the context of its participants with the principles of the (scaled) Agile Way of Working. By providing training, understanding and tweaking development processes, and coaching people from different backgrounds.