Experience Report: Applying Large-Scale Agile Development in Air Traffic Control Systems

Skyguide with about 1500 employees is the solution provider and operator of Air Traffic Control Services in Central Europe. In Switzerland, Skyguide is additionally coordinating all military aircraft as well.  Skyguide uses the Scaled Agile Framework for 5 years and had to prove, that the development processes are compliant with all regulations stated by the EU and Switzerland. Until 2020, all processes were documented in SOP’s and in the tool ARIS.

After evaluation, it was decided to describe the SAFe Processes based on Applied SAFe, as an implementation of SAFe in Stages and to adapt/extend it to the needs of Skyguide.

We present our ‘hands-on’ experiences, lessons learned, some details of the actual implementation, pro’s and con’s of the status quo, and our conclusion so far. As we had an update from Version 5.1 Mythen to Version 6.0 Kilimanjaro, we will also point out some of the highlights of this update.

Nadia Posatini is Compliance Management Expert at Skyguide for the Technical department since 2004.
Ms. Posatini is an known specialist in the area of air traffic control, avionics, information management, system&software quality engineering, organizational aspects, risk management, traffic engineering computing (inclusive regulatory affairs).

Peter Pedross is CEO & Founder of PEDCO and has more than 30 years experience in Software Engineering. He is the creator and Chief Architect of Applied SAFe. He studied Software Engineering, Finance and Management Psychology and was prior to his actual position world-wide responsible for lifecycles, processes, methods and tools at a major financial institute.
He has given more than 60+ publications and lectures since 1995 in USA, Japan and Europe and is certified in SPC since 2011, DAD, Scrum Master, TOGAF, CMMI, PMI, EFQA, IEEE. In a part time job, he is also president of the Board for Computer Science at the Swiss Association of Quality and a member of the Board of Directors